Saturday, May 29, 2010

Session Log 4

The party awoke within sight of a coastline, several days travel away. Kavan revealed to the party Olidammara’s role in transporting them. It was decided that the blight was fast moving, and their next course of action would be to measure its pace by visiting the Razor Wastes, a far southern continent. The party bartered passage on a ship of amiable sailors and made for themselves a temporary home. Among its passengers were a group of mysterious men, clothed in black. The first night on board was full of merriment and storytelling. One of the men broke his silence, in the midst of the eve, to tell a tale of the dragons that once inhabited the world. He spoke of a dragon’s temple, in the desert of the Wastes, and it was decided the party would investigate the legend firsthand. 
Days on the boat grew long and tiring. One morning, a golden bird flew from the horizon line over the boat, delivering a sealed note to the Lady Dierdre. Meanwhile, the young Birdie met in privacy with the men clothed in black.
One night, as the crew met once more for games and songs, the boat began to shake. Suddenly, a tentacle rose from the water, overwhelming the ship with ease. The adventurers gathered to defend the ship, but Thorn attempted to deter the attacks. He believed the creature to be an ancient, and at his word, Isis calmed the beast. It left the ship at peace, maimed but yet alive.
In a fortnight of travel, the ship had found port at the Southern continent. The party took a day to shop for wares, but Isis was confronted by a group of Rakshasa, violently opposed to her people and the familiar which she kept. Combat erupted, and Isis and Thorn prevailed. When given the chance to kill her attackers, however, Isis was halted by Thorn’s protests, and the two left in anger.
It wasn’t long before the party made their way into the desert, along with the black clothed men from the boat. They decided their next course of action meant finding the oracle who resided in the desert. Days of travel passed, until the sands around them erupted to reveal the forms of three hostile beasts…  

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