Friday, May 21, 2010

Session Log 2

In light of the danger their quest promised, the party was joined by Pell, one of the most capable men of the logging camp. Dreams began to plague both Mochi and Birdie, two members of the party born and raised in the town of Ronin. Legend spoke of a young woman drowned in the lake beside Ronin, whose spirit watched over the town with benevolence. However, at the blight of stone, the woman’s spirit called for her children’s aid. Leaving the young Bella with the safety of the logging camp, the party ventured to the lakeside, and as night fell, the sound of a woman singing began to echo in the air. At the witching hour, the spirit of the woman made herself known to the party, and called forth her children to commune with her. She spoke to them of a druidic encampment to the north, which perhaps possessed the capability of breaking the curse. With little other option, the party made its way to the northern reach of the continent. For several days they traveled, until the tall grass beside the road began to stir with life. Suddenly, the party found itself face to face with an abomination; a dog-like creature with inverted flesh. They attacked, finding the creature susceptible to the touch of iron, but itself a danger to those who made contact with it. Several more came, but with them only the casualties of two horses with which the group traveled.

After a week of traveling, the party reached a nook of high trees, woodsung with encampments among their branches. Most of the party climbed the trunks with ease, but one of the group’s druids, Isis, slipped, nearly meeting her death. Her life was saved by the magic of a lively druid by the name of Thorn. Weakened by the days of travel, the party awaited the counsel of druids to convene regarding their quandary. While the party rested, romance bloomed between Isis and the young druid, who revealed himself as a half-elf. Upon assembling, the council decided to send forth one of their most gifted men to aid the party. This man was Thorn, and at the price of leaving, he and the party would not be allowed to return.

During their final night in camp, tragedy struck. The same creatures that attacked them on the road began to devastate the camps, paired with an ominous purple cloud…

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