Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little bit about my group...

I know I've had a request to describe a little bit about the group I'm running right now, so here goes. This will quickly be followed by session updates thus far as written by the party Sorcerer.

This specific group formed about two months ago and we play every weekend. I've run/played many games before and decided I wanted to start one up with all my girl friends. Only two of the seven had ever played Dnd before.
I personally don't employ technology in-game (except for the occasional bit of music), I don't use grids or figures either. Those details slow me down, because my style is very qick-paced and energetic.
Social dynamics wise...I'm currently engaged in two regular campaigns I'm DM'ing the all-girl as you know, but I'm also PC'ing in a game with two other girls led by a male DM. Honestly, I love having majority female representations. It might just be an age-group thing, but male players tend to take the story elements less seriously. Not to say they don't appreciate it, but in my experience girls use their diplomacy skill almost three times more often then boys. I can trust my PC's will try to resolve conflict with all their weapons, not just steel and spells.
I do have to build my games more carefully for female groups, because they are more willing to voice what is lacking in a game session. I am applauded whenever I provide a balance of role-playing and combat encounters, and if I don't...they let me know :)
The social vibe of an all-girl game is very comfotable. We usually organize pot-luck style sessions with everyone chipping in real food (not the usual munchies fare) and the game rotates from house to house. Like other games there are the periods of socializing, eating, and just as many sex jokes are mentioned during the game as in guy groups...

There are seven players in my party character wise we have:
Birdie, the human female rogue
Dierdre, the human female sorcerer
Kavan, the human male rogue
Pell, the human male scout
Saelana, the human female cleric
Isis, the human female druid
Momo, the human female druid

Yes, two of the girls play male characters. And quite well I might add. They all have great backstories and have formed an interesting web of relationships.

More to come with session logs!


  1. Sounds like a great group and a lot of fun gathering and playing. Looking forward to the session recaps.

  2. They all play humans? That seems like an odd coincidence, or was it agreed upon?

  3. I like the fact your players all play human.
    Also grats to the male choice!