Thursday, May 20, 2010

Session Log 1

I will be posting session logs of our adventures that were written by Alexis, the party member who plays our human female sorcerer Deirdre (and a little edited by her loving DM :)
First some backround: The majority of the PC's come from from the small town of Ronan, located in a country bordered by snowy mountains and vast coniferous forests. Across the sea to the south is the desert country of Rath'ka (The Razor Wastes). A string of islands connect these two large land formations. Magic is no longer a common occurence in the world, there is a council of mages who have isolated themselves inside a floating city and watch for children who display uncommon ability, they then take them from their parents and train them to become full-fledged members of the council. Most of the magic, and creatures of myothos perished in the dragon wars that tore the lands apart, creating racial divides that still stand in the lands today.

First Session:
Under their own circumstances and motivations, the party gathered in Ronin for a festival dedicated to the God Heironeous. In the midst of a large parade of clerics and knights, the festivities were darkened by a terrified messenger from the north, who begged the knights to gather in the town hall for an emergency call to arms. A logging camp to the north had fallen prey to mysterious attacks by wolf-like creatures, and numbers were dwindling. With the promise of reward, the knights sent forth several candidates to resolve the problem.

The party met for the first time at the logging camp, where they were welcomed by the men of the encampment with festivity and drink. Locals from Ronin named Birdie and Momo were amongst the party. The latter was apprenticed under a druid, named Isis, and both traveled with familiars of an uncommon nature. The adventure had also attracted a young bard, Bella. Much to the surprise of the knights who recruited them, a young noblewoman and her servant had volunteered their services: Lady Dierdre, of the house of Ravenspire, and Kavan of the North. Saelana, a cleric of the order of Pelor was enlisted, as well.

As night fell upon the logging camp, the men grew still with fear. Not long after, dark creatures stalked out from the woods. The party defended to their best efforts, though the camp suffered the casualties of their leader and some of their best fighters. The group decided the best way of unraveling the mystery would lie in the woods, and they followed the creatures through to their dark dwelling. Joined by one of the better fighters of the camp, Hans, they set foot into the beast’s lair, where they found a witch, surrounded by a dozen or more wolves. Adorned with an arcane medallion, the witch summoned the creatures to attack at her whim, and a perilous encounter followed. It was discovered the woman had been using her amulet to turn the men of the camp into wolves, and upon destroying the source of her power, the men could be freed. The witch, in her last moments, cursed one of the adventurers, Bella, and then seemingly vanished.

The men were returned to the camp, though casualties hung high in the air. When all seemed resolved, the cry of a messenger called the party to a new chaos: The people of Ronin had been seemingly turned to stone…



  2. Oh believe me, they all end like that

  3. Huge fan of the cliff-hanger session endings, keeps them guessing and makes sure they come back