Monday, May 24, 2010

Session Log 3

The cloud revealed a powerful demonic creature which seemed to control the abominations at its whim. In the chaos of the attack, the party escaped with Thorn at their side.

When safety was assured, they set up camp, and the druid went off on his own for indefinite causes. Upon his return, he appeared physically drained. This occurrence repeated daily as the group travelled, though remained unexplained.

While no more creatures seemed to follow, the party encountered a group of hostile orcs. Though they were large in number, they were dispatched easily, save one who fled. As the party camped, groups of ravens began to congregate about them. Later that evening, the escaped orc returned with a horde to attack the group’s camp. One of the party members, Dierdre, in the midst of battle unleashed magical capabilities previously unknown to the whole of the party. In the battle, the group received the sudden aid of two twin priests of Wee Jas. Both Dierdre and the group’s rogue, Kavan, took to the priests immediately. Others questioned their motives and capabilities with mistrust.

The two priests affirmed their intention to bring the party to the city of Pallus, wherein an entirely new plague ravaged the city. The group agreed, on the condition they first be brought to Ronin to settle their current mission. There, they found only the soulless shells of the citizens that once resided there. It was then they transported to Pallus, a city that found itself in the midst of plague.

The group set up camp outside the city walls for the night, and it was then that Thorn and Isis were engaged.

The group made its way to the temple of Wee Jas, but found only death and pestilence in its walls. The priests, distraught by the murder of their fellow worshippers, made way to the center of town, where the prime political office was located. Though the building initially appeared abandoned, a familiar shadow moved about the inner hallways. The group found themselves in the presence of the very same demonic form that had devastated the druid camp. With little other means of protection, one of the priests stepped forward to attack. His arts were rendered useless and he was torn limb from limb at the whim of the beast. His sister knowingly sacrificed herself in the cause of allowing the party time to escape. As the party ran through the courtyard, they were met by the figure of Olidammara, The Laughing Rogue, as they dissolved into nothingness…

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  1. Can we get a bit more detail about the player characters? What do they look like and how do they dress? What do their familiars look like that make them so 'uncommon'? More details please!

    And also, how did you decide on the number of players that you were going to have? Any positives or negatives to having a group that large?