Thursday, June 10, 2010

Session Log 6

“Pell”- that is, the unknown force that overtook him- led the party through to another archway. They stepped through to a world unfamiliar to their kind, warm and humid. Pell seemingly returned in mind, though any recollection of what may have happened to him was lost. Though no course was set, Isis recommended a route for true north. The tropical climate provided a thick cover and a canopy, and it was decided that the party could climb the trees to see the scope of the forest. Sure enough, a volcano lay true north, the perfect home for a dragon to dwell. It also appeared they had been transported to an isle, though their exact location could not be known. The party continued, until the sound of rustling nearby became too prominent. Suddenly, members of the party began to fall unconscious. Kavan determined the source to be poisonous darts, and upon his threats came humanoid-like creatures from the forest. Deemed lizard-folk, the creatures led the conscious few to their dwelling, a deep cave decorated with a tribal interior. The unconscious were taken away, while the rest were presented before the apparent chieftain. Though the culture was unfamiliar and the language barrier prevented communication, no hostilities were formed. Rather, the chief took for himself a bride, in the form of Birdie. A ceremony began, and a huge bonfire lit in celebration. As the remaining group watched, the unconscious few were brought out, stripped of belongings and tied to what appeared to be poles. It became apparent they were to be sacrificed. Birdie pleaded with her new husband, however, and the party was freed. Festivities followed, and when the night grew old, Birdie was escorted to her chambers. There, she was introduced to a hollow of paintings, seemingly dedicated to a tale of dragon lore. It seemed the tribe had dedicated their worship to the dragon in the volcano, though little else could be assumed.

Morning came, and along with it the next leg of the journey. The party was joined by the chief and some of his able men to continue to the volcano. The lizard-folk, however, were not the only danger of the island, for the party was confronted by an exotic ape. Some were injured in the conflict, and two of the chieftain’s men were lost. With little time for solace, the group continued to the top of the volcano, where they began their descent. Obsidian walls loomed over them, and darkness soon greeted them. They soon discovered a force field, one attuned to the language of the dragons. Not far after, they came across another, one that would only dissipate at the sacrifice of a spell.

They soon came across three doors. To the left and right were what appeared to be living quarters of little magical fashion. The middle door, however, held a much more sinister nature. Dierdre opened it first, to be greeted with the image of an expansive library. With little hesitation, she entered, and the door shut behind her. Slowly, members of the party opened the door to find several different scenes. For Isis, it was a glance at a future with Thorn. For Birdie, an image of her father. For Kavan, an image of her parents. Each reflected the desires of their viewer, but none else entered.

For Dierdre, the library held less promise than anticipated. For one, only one book decorated the shelves thousands upon thousands of times over. Upon opening its pages, she was met with a scream, a tearing, and a spray of blood from the pages. Even after closing the book, the screaming continued, enveloping the room, growing unbearable by the moment.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group continued exploring the lair. Isis found a drawer containing several orbs, some broken, but some containing images of dragon-kin. Though the meaning remained unknown, the party took note.

The screaming in the room was joined by another voice, one of an entirely broken equanimity. “All that I loved, all that I loved, all that I loved turned to dust.” Dierdre called to the voice to release her from the illusion, but it remained. Soon, the library seemed to shoot past her, revealing a fireplace and two decadent chairs. There, she met the human form of Aryas, the Bronze Dragon. There, he relayed his side of the tale…

Melora, the silver dragon, had stolen his heart. But his brother, Plutonis, saw her as nothing more than a pawn to be used to sate the cravings of his son, whom he had equaled in a duel. Plutonis had Melora locked in an amulet and willed her to his son as a gift, for she was the only mate who could match him in power. Aryas, repulsed by this action of betrayal, went into isolation a broken man. For hundreds of years, he observed the horrors that fell upon Melora, as he could only divine…

Knowing they would only be able to take on the blight of Plutonis’ son with the support of Aryas, the party attempted to recruit his aid. With much deliberation, Aryas proposed a compromise…

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